Customize NFC/HF & UHF RFID Inlay

An RFID Inlay is just the RFID Chip (IC), Tag Antenna and Substrate, typically on a film face. If the substrate has adhesive it’s called a “Wet Inlay”. Otherwise, it’s called a Dry Inlay.
The inlay is then incorporated within a material – label, tag or plastic card – to protect it and tailor it to the required application, e.g. it becomes a RFID label, a RFID tag, or a RFID pass depending on the type of application.
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RFID Standard Card Inlay

RFID standard card inlay sheet is a half-finished product. As the most important part it means the core part for ISO RFID cards, saving time for production.

RFID Smartcard Prelam

We supply 40pcs or 90pcs smart card prelams per sheet to meet different demands of customers. It helps the smart card suppliers to complete production more promptly.

UHF RFID Wet Inlay

UHF wet inlay is the most important part of RFID stickers/labels/tags. For data scanning in a long distance, it would be the best choice, usually working during 1-10m.


RFID tags with NFC/HF RFID inlay work on 13.56MHz frequency and provide a shorter read range than UHF inlays, usually 0-10cm.


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