Customized RFID Wristbands

RFID GENERAL’s wristbands & bracelets are designed as easy-wear, suitable for one-time use & disposable or Re-usable. These items are now widely used for all kinds of Events, Festivals, Parties, conventions, and more. Perfect for Cashless payments, Identification, Access control and Security, Event management, Social media integration, Counterfeit prevention, Customer loyalty programs and Waterproof environments, etc.

RFID GENERAL is proud to provide various range of customized & personalized wristbands to the global festival and event industries. With over 10 years of experiences in the field of RFID Wristbands, we promise high quality of wristbands in really competitive prices for any small or large events with fast turnaround times.

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Fabric Wristbands with RFID Smartcard/PVC Tag

Designed for one-time use or reusable with different lockers, and attached with featured RFID PVC tag & Smart card, RFID Fabric Wristband is benefit for any RFID event solutions, including access control, cashless payments, identification and social media integration, etc. Our RFID Wristbands can be fully customized to suit your festival or sponsor’s brand.

Customized customers’ branding on the RFID tag and Wristband.

RFID Tag & Smartcard Size: 40*25mm, 39*23mm, 40*30mm, 33*26mm, 39*29mm, etc.
Fabric Wristband size: 350*15mm, 350*16mm, 350*20MM or 250*15mm, 250*20mm, etc.
Elastic Wristband size: 145/160/180/200*20MM or 25MM for Child or Adult, etc.
Fabric Wristband includes Cloth, Polyester, Dye-Sublimation, Full color print, Woven, Elastic, etc.

RFID Fabric/Elastic X-Band

Fabric/Elastic X-Band wristband works with RFID smart card wrapped & stitched in the pouch. Our X-Band can be printed in glorious full color digital print on both the outside and inside of the wristband. With multiple materials available, you can customize to your event’s (or heart’s) content, showing off your logo, sports team, players, colors, or access levels. Available with any RFID chip, including Fudan 1k F08, NXP Mifare Ultralight EV1, Classic 1K S50, I CODE, and NFC.


Woven Pouch Size: 38mm*75mm, 48mm*77mm, 51mm*77mm, or customized size
Fabric Wristband Size: 350*16 mm, 350*20mm, or customized size
Elastic Wristband Size: 145*25mm , 160*25mm, 180*25mm, 200*25mm, or customized size

RFID Recycled Fabric Wristband

Recycled means waste free, using a kind of Eco-friendly material. These wristbands are recyclable. Perfect for festivals, children’s events or outdoor activities. Also the band can be made with full color printing with your logo, text, or slogan, benefit for advertisement. Choosing to use a recycled wristband for your event helps to save the environment, and also it’s a small step towards becoming the earth’s protector.

RFID PP & Paper & Synthetic & Tyvek Wristbands

RFID PP & Synthetic & Tyvek & Paper Wristbands are the best choice with low cost for disposable use, so it is very popular for any RFID or NFC integration, ideal for clubs, festivals, or Events. Poly Prop composite/ Synthetic / Tyvek material are 100% waterproof, chemical resistant Finish and easy to handle during or after its usage. The special feature is its adhesive closure. Once closed, the only way to remove the band is cutting it off.

Package: by individual piece, by 10pcs / sheet, by 1000pcs / roll, or customized packaging.
Size options of Wristband: 250/280/300* 25mm, 250/280/300* 20mm, or customized sizes.
RFID-PP-Synthetic-Tyvek-Wristband 01

RFID Vinyl & Plastic Wristbands

Vinyl or Plastic wristband with embedded RFID inlay, ideal for use in water environments.

The vinyl wristband is a soft plastic band with a secure lock, also called Plastic Wristband, suitable for wrists in different sizes. Embedded with RFID chip inlay, it can be used for any RFID events.

It’s a great choice for camping events, music concerts, nightclubs and festivals when you need a wristband that is more durable and will last longer making them ideal for security and identification.

Size Options: 250*25mm, or customized size

RFID Silicone Wristbands

Here at RFIDgeneral, we can create custom printed and moulded Silicone Wristbands with an embedded RFID chip. Available with Mifare Classic 1K, I CODE SLIX or NFC tags, our RFID wristbands can be configured to work with any RFID system from any service provider. These wristbands are ideal for event applications including brand activation and cashless payments.

Silicone RFID wristbands are also 100% waterproof and designed to be hard-wearing yet comfortable when worn over a long period, making them perfect for use at leisure parks, water parks or festivals.

Choose from numerous silicone designs including thin strap, oval face, two tone to name a few. All available with embossed or debossed print or 1 to 4 colour print.

RFID-Silicone-Wristbands-China 01

RFID LED Wristband

RFID LED Wristbands bring an exciting or stunning light show to your live concert, party,wedding,or event,etc. Remote control LED wristbands operate for up to different 15 colors, control by audio, computer or controller.

RFID LED Wristband