RFID Blocking Card Technology 1

RFID Blocking Card & Contactless Card

The increasing Contactless technology convenience brings increasing crime.
We need to take responsibility and protect our identity and data.

Using Our RFID blocking card and place inside your existing wallet, it allows you to use your credit /bank cards as normal without any extra hassle, whilst keeping your cards 100% secure.  So it is also called Credit Card Protector.

Identity theft via RFID readers is growing. You can protect your personal data with the use of RFID blocking card. This item contains a metal fibre mesh that makes a “cage” around the chip that radio waves cannot penetrate.

How Does It Work ?
Sandwich your cards between the 2 RFID blocking cards.
The RFID Blocking Cards are specially designed to Block unwanted RFID scanners from reading your cards.
– Specially designed to Block unwanted RFID scanners
– Conveniently Works In Any Wallet, It Fits!
– 2 thin RFID Blocking cards are the same size as your credit cards
– Access your cards the same way you always have
– Durable, Sturdy, Won’t Fall Apart
– Weather, Water, Puncture and Tear resistant

Product Specification:

Finish Matte, Glossy, Frosted
Size Standard Size: 85.5*54*0.86MM
Pattern Full color printing, Digital printing
Chip Options

Mifare Ultralight EV1, Mifare Ultralight C, Mifare 1k S50, Mifare 4k S70, Mifare DESfire EV1 D21/D41/D81,

Ntag213 / Ntag215 / Ntag216,

Icode SLI/ SLI-X,  Icode SLI-S (2k),

NXP Plus, TI2048,F08, Topaz512, etc.

Numbering Options UV ink code, Black/Orange laser code, Digital code, Thermal number
Reading Distance 3-10cm(related to reader & environment)
Read & Write 100,000 times
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
Application The RFID Blocking Card works by drawing power from the scanner, and emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication. This protects the surrounding cards within a 2 inches radius. It can stop transmissions of personal information to a remote RFID device.
Samples Policy Free samples for testing, excluding freight charges
Packaging ◆  200PCS per white inner box;
◆  3000PCS per master carton

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Our product samples are available for testing anytime.

Please feel free to contact us for Quote Sheet and free Samples.