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How to optimize enterprise asset management through RFID asset management system?

We all know the importance of fixed asset management, fixed assets as the material basis for business development, is an important part of enterprise management, but over the years the management of fixed assets has been the weak link in the management of enterprises, the traditional manual management model requires repeated work, the accuracy rate is not guaranteed, and the development of the enterprise situation is very unsuitable.

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What is RFID asset management system?

With the continuous development of computer technology, some enterprises have started to use RFID asset management systems. Generally speaking, RFID asset management systems are based on RFID technology, using RFID technology to provide the best means of data collection for the executive level of enterprise asset management, helping enterprises to greatly improve efficiency and management. The use of information technology and electronic data transmission methods changes the original paper-based document transmission mode, and sets up electronic processes for the application, transfer, borrowing and maintenance of materials to improve approval efficiency.

RFID asset management system uses radio frequency identification technology, it can achieve remote, fast, batch reading, fast and accurate solution to the problems encountered by enterprises in asset management, upgrade fixed asset management.

How does RFID asset tracking tags help companies to optimise their asset management?

  1. RFID asset management system can automatically bind and input the information of tag and asset through unique RFID asset tracking tags.
  2. RFID asset management system can establish an information platform to manage various equipment assets such as equipment, facilities and fixed assets, transforming various management activities into information records and reflections.
  3. RFID asset management system can establish a standardized and accurate equipment maintenance operation system, comprehensive and detailed guidance on equipment maintenance operations.
  4. RFID asset management system enterprises can real-time master equipment assets, reasonable allocation of assets, tracking equipment assets.
  5. RFID asset management system uses handheld terminals to inventory assets and export reports to comprehensively improve the accuracy and operability of data.


RFID asset management system by giving each fixed asset RFID asset tags to realize the asset from the purchase to the end of life management. It not only changes the passive situation of enterprises in fixed asset management, but also improves the utilisation rate of assets and promotes management standardisation.

RFID General’s RFID asset tags can be used for fixed asset management, using different materials such as PP, PVC, ABS, PCB, etc. They are suitable for different products and can read multiple tags at once, have strong penetration, can read and write multiple times, have a large data memory capacity, have low tag production costs, are small in size, are easy to use, are reliable and can be used repeatedly.

By using RFID asset tracking system, enterprises can improve the efficiency of asset management, reduce manual labor costs, improve asset utilization rates, reduce losses caused by asset mismanagement, and improve asset security. The use of RFID asset tracking management can optimize enterprise asset management, so that enterprises can focus on the core aspects of their business and enhance their competitiveness.

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