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Best Temperature-sensitive NFC FPC Tags In China

What is NFC FPC Tags? NFC FPC tag is made of FPC material with chip with antenna label. FPC material is based on polyimide or polyester film, mainly using polyimide double-sided copper foil substrate + screen printing ink solder resist or poly milling imide PI film material made, is a highly reliable, excellent flexible printed […]

What are the RFID tags on clothes for?

RFID is a radio frequency data acquisition technology, is the best means of goods tracking, it is better than barcode recognition technology is that RFID can dynamically identify high-speed movement objects and can simultaneously identify multiple RFID tags, recognition distance is larger, can adapt to harsh environments. At the same time because the RFID label […]

Choosing Bus/Metro RFID Reader Cards Manufacturers in China

Maybe you’re aware of what RFID is. RFID connotes radio frequency identification and is a sort of wireless communication that involves the use of electromagnetic or and electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency. Applications of RFID RFID finds numerous application to sustain everyday life. The applications include military sector, to ensure better vision while the […]

Your Best Bus & Metro RFID Cards Suppliers From China Company

Bus and Metro entries require durable and strong RFID cards. Thousands of people travel on bus and metro. Hence, the tickets and entry cards should be made of great quality material. ‘RFID General’ is a great company in China. They produce best-class RFID cards for buses and metros. They are reliable China RFID cards suppliers. […]

Best Quality RFID Radio Frequency Card China Manufacturer

Office-goers know well how much their identity card means. It is not just a display of their identity but also key to the office. There’s no entry without that card. Not just for offices, these contactless smart cards are finding their way into many businesses and are well on their way to become ubiquitous. Industries […]

How to Find Quality UHF 860-960Mhz RFID Card in China

If you are searching for a company in China to get different types of RFD cards including 860-960 MHz RFID Card, UHF Card, UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards and ISO18000-6C RFID card, etc. then you have reached at right place. RFID General Company can provide you all types of high-quality RFID cards including UHF 860-960MHz […]