How to Find Quality UHF 860-960Mhz RFID Card in China

If you are searching for a company in China to get different types of RFD cards including 860-960 MHz RFID Card, UHF Card, UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards and ISO18000-6C RFID card, etc. then you have reached at right place. RFID General Company can provide you all types of high-quality RFID cards including UHF 860-960MHz RFID Card to read the distance between two distant objects. This company can provide the best products according to the choice of its customers.

About RFID General Company前台

RFID General Technology Co. Ltd is a Chinese company located in Dongguan. It was founded in 2012 and its factory is located in Chang’an Town of Dongguan City. They are devoted to R&D, manufacturing and sales of various types of RFID products including RFID cards, RFID sticker tags, and RFID wristbands along with various types of products related to IoT technology.

Product supplied by RGC

The frequency of the chip used in RFID cards supplied by RFID General Company can vary from 125 kHz, 860-960 MHz to NFC 13.56 MHz and for OEM products the shape, size and design of serial and UID printing and encoding can be customized as per requirement.

The products mainly supplied by them include various types of RFID products including RFIC wristbands made from woven materials, PVC, fabric, PP, paper, and Tyvek, along with NFC, UHF and RFID cards, UHF windshield stickers, RFID NFC sticker tags, RFID blocking cards, and RFID laminate badges. They also supply several other products related to IoT technology and RFID technology.

The mission of the companyHow to Find Quality UHF 860-960Mhz RFID Card in China

The philosophy of the business of RFID General Company is the success of its customers as its business is based on it. They try to provide the best quality products and sincere services to their customers at genuine prices.

Reasons to contact RFID General Company in China

You should choose RFID General Company as a supplier of RFID products in China because the products supplied by them are trusted and recognized by their local as well as international customers as they have experience of many years of working in the RFID industry of China.

Though it is not easy to establish the name of your brand throughout the world still they are trying their best to make the future of both, their and their customers’, bright with their cooperation.

Things to know about UHF RFID 860-960MHZ Card

UHF RFID 860-960 MHZ Card is a UHF card that has long distance reading range up to 1-20 meters depending upon the environment and power of the reader which can vary widely for different applications. The applicatiosn for which this card can be used may include parking system, access control system, inventory control system, logistic system, individuals, hospitals and transportation etc.

The UHF cards supplied by RFID General Company are completely waterproof and safe as they are made by using new PVC material of high quality to make high definition durable cards that can be used as blank cards or printed cards. They canot be broken or damaged easily. The chips used in all the cards manufactured by this company are completely original as they are supplied by Impinj/ Philips or Alien. The quality of these cards before shipping is completely reliable.

Though the user memory of the chips supplied by these three companies are a bit different still they work alike while used on RFID cards. The user memory of the chip provided by impinj is 128 bit whereas that of Higgs 3 of Alien is 96 bit and Ucode EPC G 2 of Philips is 512 bit. All the chips can be used contactless to read and write up to 100,000 times, read from the distance of 1-20 meters and can be retained for 10 years without any collision.

The standard size of these good quality cards made from PVC, paper, plastic or transparent PET etc. is similar to the size of your credit card i.e. 85.5mm x 54mm x 0.86mm. normally minimum 500 cards are supplied by RFID General Company unless they are required for some special purpose.

Tips to find the best RFID card supplier in China2 UHF RFID Printing Blank Card 2019061401

While finding quality UHF 860-960 MHz RFID card in China you must know how to find a genuine Chinese supplier. The tips provided here under can be helpful for you.

Reliability: It is important to get genuine RFID cards that the supplier you choose should be reliable and prompt. You should evaluate the reliability of the company since you meet them for the first time. A reliable supplier should be able to respond quickly, display knowledge about different products, quote TATs correctly, and during test stick to the TAT quoted.

Variety of products offered: The RFID supplier you choose in China should be able to offer a variety of products to choose from as per your preferences. By offering various types of products like RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags, RFID Cards, UHF RFID Sticker Tag, RFID Badges & Lanyards and RFID Stickers, etc. the supplier also shows off his expertise in this field.

Customization of the products: The supplier you choose in China should also be able to customize the RFID products according to the requirements of their customers. So you should go to an experienced manufacturer and supplier of RFID cards in China.

Quality of the products: The RFID card supplier you choose in China should be able to provide you high-quality products at reasonable prices so that you can use them for long. Most of the manufacturers and suppliers of RFID cards in China also allow their customers to visit their factory so that they can know the complete process of manufacturing all types of RFID cards under standard conditions.

Customer service: The manufacturers and suppliers of RFID cards in China should provide customer support round the clock to help its customers at the time of any problem in using these cards and tags.

Guarantee: They should ensure to fix your problems whenever you face any technical issues in your RFID cards.

Thus, you can find quality UHF 860-960MHz RFID card in China by selecting a reliable Chinese manufacturer and supplier of the related products like RFID General Company.

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