Best Quality RFID Radio Frequency Card China Manufacturer

Best Quality RFID Radio Frequency Card China ManufacturerOffice-goers know well how much their identity card means. It is not just a display of their identity but also key to the office. There’s no entry without that card. Not just for offices, these contactless smart cards are finding their way into many businesses and are well on their way to become ubiquitous. Industries need RFID cards for hundreds of applications. Typically the size of a credit card, these cards can have a long life since they are reprogrammable. RFID General is one of China’s leading manufacturers of contactless smart cards.

RFID General’s range of products

We are a provider of high-quality products which have chips from the leaders in the segment – NXP, Fudan, Alien, Impinj, among many others. We cater to customers’ varied and specific requirements and supply blank cards, printing cards, programmable cards, and encoding cards.
We have cards based on NFC using Mifare chips, LF cards adhering to ISO7816 and UHF card adhering to ISO 18000-6C.

This is only a small glance to what we have on offer.

Our Clients and Credentials

Large businesses trust our superior quality products across the world for many applications.

Our client portfolio includes big names like Sheraton Hotel, Korea Subway, HK MTR, Marco Polo Hotel, among hundreds of others.

Why choose RFID General?RFID Card Craft

We have tie-ups with industry grade PVC manufacturers. All our cards use superior PVC material and are 100% waterproof. Highly resilient, they are resistant to quakes and are not easily damaged or broken.

Our contactless smart cards are functionally superior as well. The cards are incredibly responsive and have a scanning response time between 0.1 to 0.5 seconds. It just takes a blink of the eye!

The NFC chips that we use in our cards are reprogrammable. This means our smart cards offer superior value for money. You can reprogram and reuse multiple times for different applications.

Security is one of the prime requirements in a business. We have state-of-the-art functionality and offer passwords, encoding, encryption, for higher security.

Craft and Design

We offer several designs for our customers. Our contactless cards can have designs as per your requirement:

We offer:

• Embossed number cards

• Signature Panel (like credit card or debit card)

• Flat (non-embossed) serial numbers

• Barcodes

• Scratch card

• Magnetic stripe card

• Laser-based UID and Serial No

• Cards with UV coating

Related Products

Our portfolio also includes HiTag 125KHz card, Proximity card, RFID card for bus and metro, R/W card, Cards for access control, NFC Tag, Ultra high-frequency card, Dual-frequency RFID card, and RFID blocking card.

Information for Customers

RFID General believes in superior customer service and provide our valuable customers with free samples. Our RFID contactless cards are available for test anytime.

Customers may contact us to get the product catalog, price sheet, and free samples.

Packaging Information

We use shrink wrap or polybags to pack our cards. Batches of 200 are packed in a white box while we have cartons of different sizes for 1000, 2000 and 3000 cards.

Our boxes and cartons are labeled with tracking information and specifications for ease of use.

We understand if you may want your own design and customized packaging. Fret not; our company caters to all requirements. We provide customized packaging too.

Shipping Information

We clearly understand how crucial it is for your business to receive goods on time. We ensure that our products are handled with extreme care and delivered to you in time.

We have partnered with leading logistics providers. Overseas shipping is handled through FedEx, DHL, UPS, and TNT.

We keep on adding courier options, so this list is not exhaustive. Please contact us on the details mentioned in the end if you have specific courier and transport requirements. We always strive hard to fulfill it.

Other Products

We have expertise in building small-range wireless products. Apart from RFID cards we also deal in:

RFID wristbands – comfortable for day-long use

RFID stickers – the like your car has for payment of road tolls

UHF RFID Sticker Tag – for business-specific applications

RFID Badges – for office employees

RFID Lanyards and a whole lot of other products

Your esteemed customers can reach us through telephone, email, and skype

Tel: 0086 189 4858 9427


Skype: rfidsales1

We assure you of superior service always. Once you deal with RFID General, you will not look back, that’s our promise.