Dual Frequency RFID Card Contactless Card Application

13.56Mhz NFC Card & ISO 14443A and ISO 15693 & NDEF Support & Passive Proximity RFID Cards

RFID 13.56Mhz Cards are widely used in many applications, such as Access Control,Cashless Payment System, Attendance System,Business

Management System,Identification, Hotels, Companies, Schools, Enterprises, Exhibitions, Transportation, Hospital, Individuals, etc. All our

RFID chips are 100% original from chip supplier ( NXP, Fudan, Alien, Impinj,etc),100% no any duplicated UID or TID.

RFID 13.56Mhz Chips Options as below:

Chip Model Supplier User MemoryRead and WriteRead RangeData RetentionProtocalType
Mifare Ultralight Ev1NXP384-bit ( 48 byte )
1024-bit (128 byte)
100,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Ultralight CNXP1152-bit (144 byte)100,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Classic 1k S50 Ev1NXP1K byte100,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Classic 4k S70 Ev1NXP4K byte100,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Desfire D21NXP2K byte50,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Desfire D41NXP4K byte50,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Desfire D81NXP8K byte50,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Plus S2k/ X2kNXP2K byte200,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
Mifare Plus S4k/ X4kNXP4K byte200,000 times1-10cm 10 yearsISO 14443AContactless
I-Code SLI / SLIXNXP1024-bit (128 byte)100,000 times1-10cm50 yearISO 15693Contactless
I-Code SLI-S (2k)NXP2048-bit(256 byte)100,000 times1-10cm50 yearISO 15693Contactless
Ntag213NXP144 byte100,000 times1-10cm10 yearISO 14443AContactless
Ntag215NXP504 byte100,000 times1-10cm10 yearISO 14443AContactless
Ntag216NXP888 byte100,000 times1-10cm10 yearISO 14443AContactless
F08 Compatible Mifare 1k Fudan1K byte100,000 times1-10cm10 yearISO 14443AContactless
13.56MHz RFID Card201906

Our 13.56Mhz Cards are for many applications and clients all over the world, such as HK MTR, Korea Subway, Sheraton Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel,etc.

All our RFID Cards are 100% Waterproof and Quakeproof, using great quality new PVC Material for Pre-printed cards or Blank cards, which is

very durable high definition and no easy to be damaged or broken.

Our Advantages as below:

Fast scan, 0.1/s-0.5/s is enough to finish a work.

Reusable, it can repeatedly to modify and delete the data.

Security, you can set a password to protect the data,we can help to do Encoded/Encoding/Encryption,etc.

Products Details:

Standard Card Size: 85.5*54*0.86 MM ( Same as Credit card size)
Not Standard Size:Rectangle Shape :100*70mm,80*30mm,65*65mm,50*50mm,30*19mm,25*25mm,30*15mm,etc
Round Shape: 13mm,15mm,18mm,16mm,20mm,22mm,25mm,25.5mm,,27mm,30mm,35mm,etc
Material:PVC,Plastic,Paper, Transparent PET,etc
Working temperature:~20°~70℃
Quatity:Promise 100% good quality control before shipping, 100% original chip ( no any duplicated UID or TID).
Sales Service:24 hours working for clients
Samples:Samples are free and available for test anytime.
MOQ:500pcs. For some special need, it can be less 500pcs.
Price:Small order is acceptable and the price is affected by quantity directly.
Delivery day: 7-15 days for mass production, and accept rush orders.

 13.56Mhz NFC Card Craft for Options

13.56Mhz Card RFID Card Packaging:

Each pcs packed in poly bag or Shrink Wrapped Packing

200pcs packed in white box, 1000pcs/2000pcs/3000pcs in one Carton.

All boxes,cartons are marked clearly with sticker mark,

which including PO/SO,design,quantity,serial range, and bag or carton number,etc.

All our packaging is strong and solid, good for oversea shipping by Fedex/DHL/UPS/TNT,etc.

And we accept customized packaging if our above is not good for you.

Here at RFID general,

Our 13.56Mhz RFID Card Samples are available for test anytime.

Please feel free to contact us for Pricing Sheet and free Samples to test !