RFID Silicone Wristband

RFID Silicone Wristband

Reusable RFID wristband with integrated RFID tag

Silicone wristband embedded an RFID chip, are 100% water proof and ideal for event applications including brand activation and cashless payments, especially for leisure parks, water parks or festivals, which designed to be hard-wearing yet comfortable when worn over a long period.

Material is soft and frendly silicone, which is very comfortable for adults, children and baby. It can be 125KHz or 13.56MHz or 860~960MHz or dual-frequency and widely used in events, access control, lock key, fairs , parks, club, swimming pool etc.

Product Features:

1) Waterproof / Soft / Comfortable
2) Customized Logo printing is available
3) Numerous colors is available (Pantone colors for choices)
4) Many kinds models are available (non-adjustable models & adjustable models)
5) Sizes are available for Adults and Children.
Non-adjustable sizes: Diameter 74/65/62/60/50/45 mm etc
Adjustable sizes: 231.5*35*20mm / 235*30*20mm / 242*33.5*16.5mm etc

RFID Chip Options:

125KHz:EM4200 / EM4335 / TK4100 / T5577
13.56MHz:Mifare Ultralight EV1/ Mifare Classic 1k S50/ Mifare Ultralgiht C
ICODE SLI/ ICODE SLI-X / ICODE SLX-S / Ntag213/ Mifare Plus (2K/4K) / Desfire (…NFC)
860-960MHz UHF:Alien H3 / Alien H4 / Impinj Monza4 / Impinj Monza5 /NXP Ucode /NXP U-code HSL

Different sizes and colors–for both adults and children

RFID Silicone Wristband Applications:

Here at RFID general,

Our product Samples are available for test anytime.

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