RFID Elastic Wristband & Integrated RFID Tag

RFID Elastic Wristband is our new style RFID Wristband. Made from elasticated material, it is stretchy,

soft and removable, so it is very ideal for multi-use.

The RFID Tag is pouched security inside the woven pouch. It can be printed in full color digital printing on both sides.

Our RFID Elastic Wristband have been used widely at festivals and events, enabling compatibility with any RFID event solutions,

including access control, cashless payments and social media integration.

RFID Elastic Wristband 1

Wristband Details:

Pouch: Up to 8 colors. Includes neon and metallic threads.
Wristband: Full color print onto smooth satin (2 sided print optional)
Wristband Size: 145/180/200mm x 25mm

RFID Chip Options:

13.56MHz / ISO14443A Protocol

Mifare Ultralight EV1/ Mifare Ultralgiht C/ Mifare Classic 1k S50 Ev1 / F08 Compatible Mifare Classic 1k

ICODE SLI/ ICODE SLI-X / ICODE SLX-S / Ntag213/216 / Mifare Plus (2K/4K) / Desfire D21 D41 (…NFC)

Additional Features:

Variable data & Serialization &UID Number

Random Number Printing Matching UID

QR code & Barcode, Matrix Code/ 2D Aztec Code

Glow in the dark thread (woven sections only)

Kimble tag

RFID Elastic Wristband 3

Application Places:

RFID Elastic Wristband Appliaction 1

Here at RFID general,
Our product Samples are available for test anytime.
Please feel free to contact us for Pricing Sheet and free Samples to test.