RFID Sticker with Serial UID Printing

RFID NFC Sticker & Passive contactless Sticker

13.56Mhz NFC Sticker, are widely used for E-Payment, E-ticket, Identification, Access control, Smart advertisement,

Production authentication, Library Books Label, etc.

RFID general is a professional manufacturer of NFC Stickers for more than 7 years, owning Production machines

(Flipchip machine machine, High speed labeling machine, Strip separation machine, Die-cut machine, etc).

Product Specification

RFID Chip Options:

NFC / 13.56MHz / ISO14443A Protocol

Mifare Ultralight EV1/ Mifare Ultralgiht C/ Mifare Classic 1k S50 Ev1 / F08 Compatible Mifare Classic 1k

ICODE SLI/ ICODE SLI-X / ICODE SLX-S / Ntag213/216 / Mifare Plus (2K/4K) / Desfire D21 D41

Products Details:

Round Shape: 25mm,27mm,30mm,35mm,45mm,etc.

Rectangle Shape :



Material: Paper / PVC/ PET/ Static Clings/ Anti-metal ,etc.

CraftSerial&UID printing, Full color Printing & Blank, Barcode, QR code,Encoding,etc.

Reading distance:1-10cm(related to reader & environment)

Read & Write:100,000 times

Working temperature:-20~+70℃

MOQ: 500pcs. For some special need, it can be less 500pcs.

RFID Sticker package 2

Here at RFID general,

Our product Samples are available for test anytime.

Please feel free to contact us for Pricing Sheet and free Samples to test.

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