RFID Card China Manufacturer

RFID cards are laminated plastic cards made of PVC, which are equipped with a radio frequency antenna or smart card inlay inside and can be written and read contactlessly by an RFID reader. The data encoded can be stored by around 10 years, and the card can be read or written by more than 100,000 times.
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RFID Standard Key Card

RFID standard card has a standard size about 85.5*54mm, convenient for taking along in wallet or pocket. We can produce blank card without printing or make custom printing as per your requirements.

RFID Badges & Laminates

RFID badge is also called RFID laminate for passes. It is usually made with slot punch, and can be used as access control cards, attendance cards for schools, exhibitions, concerts, business meetings, and other ticket events.

RFID Paper Card

RFID paper ticket cards are mainly used in consumption and entertainment fields like Mass transportation, Concert, Party, tourist attractions, sports stadiums, conference venues, cinemas, large exhibitions, etc.

RFID Blocking Card

Using RFID blocking card and place inside your wallet, it allows you to use your credit /bank cards as normal without any extra hassle, whilst keeping your cards 100% secure.

Dual Frequency RFID Card

Dual Frequency RFID Card is made from LF 125KHz, HF13.56MHz to UHF 860-960MHz. So the read range of card can be from 1cm-10cm (LF/HF) and 1m- 10m(UHF).

RFID Hotel Key Card

Hotel room key cards work by using various technologies such as RFID and magnetic stripe. The information encoded inside can only be read by RFID readers or magnetic readers.

Snap Off Card & Key Tag

Snap-off cards, also called combo cards, offer you the option of providing cards in different sizes in one setting. These 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 part club cards or loyalty cards provide customers with special savings and advantages.

Transparent RFID Plastic Card

The transparent card is made of transparent material, transparent texture, a kind of looming beauty, looks elegant and unique.It can be made fully transparent or translucent or partially transparent.

RFID Wooden Key Card

RFID Wood Card comes in different grains and shades with options to personalize with chip encoding and laser engraving. Available in standard ISO size format and various HF and UHF RFID standards.

RFID Smart Card With Foil Hot Stamping

Gold or silver foil card is made by hot stamping with gold or silver metallic foil on the PVC laminates. It looks special and shiny to attract customers/guests. Also a good idea to do advertisement for promotion.

13.56MHz RFID PVC Card in Solid Color

Customize any color you like. Colorful PVC Cards for different customers’ demands. With RFID/NFC chip embedded in, it’s commonly used for payment, door locking system, identification, public transportation, and so on.

Vehicle Access RFID UHF Parking Card

For gate access control, RFID can be used to automatically identify vehicles and drivers. The ability to allow or deny access based on a vehicle having an RFID tag is a valuable way to build an enhanced level of security.


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