Best Temperature-sensitive NFC FPC Tags In China

What is NFC FPC Tags?

NFC FPC tag is made of FPC material with chip with antenna label. FPC material is based on polyimide or polyester film, mainly using polyimide double-sided copper foil substrate + screen printing ink solder resist or poly milling imide PI film material made, is a highly reliable, excellent flexible printed circuit board.

NFC FPC tags are developed for special occasions for anti-counterfeiting traceability, it has the features of flexible, anti-metal, high temperature resistant. This flexible RFID NFC FPC tags are mainly made of PC, silicone or rubber, etc, which can control the inventory of incoming and outgoing items and production data of the assembly line under high temperature environment. In addition, the rfid label chip of this FPC flexible board can be injected with the injection parts without being damaged because of its high temperature resistance, which can effectively prevent the NFC FPC tags from being removed, anti-counterfeit traceability effect is better.

FPC tags can be subdivided into anti-metal RFID FPC tags, flexible anti-metal FPC tags, HF copper etched FPC tags, HF RFID FPC tags and so on.



The parameters of flexible NFC FPC tags

  1. Label size: 45 * 11mm
  2. Label substrate: PI film (polyimide film)
  3. Surface material: PI film (polyimide film)
  4. Antenna size: 44.5 * 10.5mm
  5. Antenna material: copper etching
  6. Chip protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C, etc.
  7. Operating frequency: HF 13.56MHz, UHF 860MHz-960MHz (can be customized)
  8. Chip model: FM1108, Ntag213, Alien H3, U8\U9, etc.;
  9. Memory capacity: TID : 96bit / EPC : 96bit to 480bit / User : 512bit
  10. Operating mode: Clear or read/write
  11. Read/write distance: ≥5M
  12. Repeat programming times: 100,000 times
  13. Data storage: 10 years
  14. Static protection: ± 2KV
  15. Operating humidity: 10%~95%
  16. Operating temperature: -40℃~135℃
  17. Storage temperature: 0℃~25℃
  18. Personalized coding: support internal and external code consistent data structure


What are the benifits of using NFC FPC tags?

NFC FPC tags are high temperature resistance, corrosion prevention, anti-metal, high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bendability. Using FPC tags for packaging, the product is flexible and thin, easy to carry and use.

FPC tags can also be added with adhesive backing or anti-metal material, which can be used inside the product or for secondary packaging, such as injection molding rubber, silicone, plastic, meter seal, ultrasonic, electronic components, wood and other structures that require thickness.

What application areas are NFC FPC tags suitable for?

NFC FPC tags are mainly used for silicone wristbands, children’s toys, bluetooth speakers, bulk container location management, vehicle location management, oven baking after painting, equipment tracking, tool location management, WIP transport equipment, IT / telecom management, instrument location management, weapon location management.

Temperature sensitive NFC FPC tags are widely used to electric machinery, cold chain transportation and other fields of single product temperature tracking, transportation and storage temperature detection. For some special occasions, such as in the high temperature assembly line, production process management, inventory control and other application environment has a strong adaptability.

It has the characteristics of high accuracy of temperature measurement, temperature alarm, real-time recording and label customization. When the temperature exceeds the monitored temperature value, the machine will issue an alarm prompt; in the temperature monitoring system, the temperature can be clearly detected in real-time records, real-time and effective to achieve the effect of temperature monitoring.



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