Choosing Bus/Metro RFID Reader Cards Manufacturers in China

Maybe you’re aware of what RFID is. RFID connotes radio frequency identification and is a sort of wireless communication that involves the use of electromagnetic or and electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency.

Applications of RFID

RFID finds numerous application to sustain everyday life. The applications include military sector, to ensure better vision while the movement of cargo happens and more application. Further, RFID provides all the information on a real-time basis. By this, it becomes easy to track the weapon movement and identify the weapon location. The other fields where the technology is used include industrial and retail sectors and public transportation application.Choosing Bus Metro RFID Reader Cards Manufacturers in China

Thus, RFID products could be a lucrative business if you get the product and from the manufacturer and distributed them among retailers. Of all products, RFID products from Chinese manufacturers are of top quality.

To get the best quality RFID products, you can rely on products made by Chinese manufacturers. Of all the Chinese manufacturers, RFID General Technology Co. Ltd makes products that are among the best.

Their China RFID Cards Factory has the best quality production facility coupled with a highly skilled and experienced workforce. All this renders the company a positive advantage.

Dongguan RFID General Technology Co

Established in 2012, Dongguan RFID General Technology Co. Ltd, a professional manufacturing company is located in Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, China.

The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of RFID Sticker tags, UHF RFIID cards, and other associated products and products using IoT technologies.

Products made by the company

The principal products made by the company include RFID wristbands (woven, and fabrics, PVC & PV, Tyvek, and Paper wrist band), RFID. and NFC, and UHF RFID cards, UHF windshield Stickers, RFID NFC Sticker tags, RFID Laminate badges, UHF Anti-metal Tag, RFID blocking and cards, contactless RFID cards, and other similar technology products.

Why should we choose Dongguan RFID General Technology Co?

The company is in the domain manufacturing and selling RFID industry products and therefore is widely know and trusted by customers in China as well as abroad. The company sells quality products across the world.

Public Transportation Application

Dongguan RFID General Technology Co manufactures RFID technology products that are widely used as public transportation application.

The RFID cards for bus and metro are of high quality. They are made of great quality PVC (new) used for blank cards or preprinted cards.

Benefits of public transportation RFID cards

Public Transportation Application RFID cards are of great beneficial value. This is because the cards are durable, and contain a high definition, and are not easily broken or worn out.

All the RFID chips are 100% genuine and original products from Fudan, NXP. Further, the quality of the products is 100% intact.


The Public Transportation Application RFID cards are used famous transportation and metro services across the world. Classic examples include Korea Subway, HK MTR, China High Way, Iran’s bus and more.

The benefits of these cards include

Rapid scan – it takes just 0.1 s to 0.5 set to finish the task.

The card can be used again and again by modifying and deleting the data.

To product the card from misuse of the data, passwords can be set.

The company can help you in encoding/encoded and encryption, and so on.

Commitment to quality

Dongguan RFID General Technology Co. LTD is committed bringing the best value for their customers’ money by providing them the unmatched quality products at highly competitive prices.

Further, each of the RFID products made by the company meets 100% quality control and is 100% quality when it goes to the market.

Applications of the RFID products made by the company

The products can be used safely in events, festivals, access control, exhibitions, cashless payments, parking access, identification, tracking (Logistics and property and library), management, high-end customized notebooks and the like.

Choosing Bus/Metro RFID Reader Cards Manufacturers in China

While Choosing Bus/Metro RFID Reader Cards Manufacturers in China, it is important to note that there are numerous companies in China and elsewhere. Yet, you should choose one that has a good reputation for service clients. Quality product, delivery of the product on time and right place without causing hassles to the customer. The China RFID Cards Factory offers the best quality infrastructure to enable high-quality product.

Move ahead to see the manufacturer

The best thing is to visit the manufacturers in person and see their physical infrastructure, etc. and see, what kind of goods you should get from them to sell. Negotiate a price that is suitable for you, of course, you will have limited control on the price level.

Your Best Bus & Metro RFID Cards Suppliers From China Company

Bus and Metro entries require durable and strong RFID cards. Thousands of people travel on bus and metro. Hence, the tickets and entry cards should be made of great quality material.

‘RFID General’ is a great company in China. They produce best-class RFID cards for buses and metros. They are reliable China RFID cards suppliers.Your Best Bus & Metro RFID Cards Suppliers From China Company

If you are looking for great RFID card suppliers in China, then you should visit ‘RFID General’ company. They make excellent quality cards and their technology is also updated. Apart from that, this company has so many features. All of its features are discussed below.

Why Should You Choose ‘RFID General’ Card Company?

1. Supreme Quality

Metro and bus RFID reader requires high-quality and strong material. If your card’s quality is poor, then it won’t work at the bus and metro entries. So many people use these cards. As a result, quality is a prime factor for these cards.

‘RFID General’ uses supreme quality material to make these cards. You can have PVC, paper, plastic or other material to make these cards. But all of their cards are truly best-class.

Apart from that, these cards are waterproof. As a result, these cards can work under almost any weather condition. The cards are durable. So, these cards are just perfect for bus and metro uses.

2. Advanced Technology

These RFID cards are made with advanced and modern technology. The cards can read within 0.1 seconds to 0.5 seconds. Its lightning fast.

Moreover, these cards are reusable. This means, you just don’t have to throw them away. You can modify the data of these cards. You can delete the data and reentry it. As a result, these cards will save you money.

Security is another grave concern in the case of RFID cards. But, with ‘RFID General’ cards you just don’t have to worry about security. The encryption process of these cards is superb. Hence, the passwords of these cards are hard to break. You will get top-notch security in these cards.

3. Customization Feature

Without customization, you may face several difficulties. Hence, ‘RFID General’ has an option for customization. You can have different types of rectangle-shaped and round shaped RFID cards for bus and metro entries. Apart from that, you can also customize the frequency (chip) of these cards. So, you can get your desired design, security, frequency and shapes in their cards. Customized RFID cards are really convenient to use.

4. Affordable Price

Some companies dupe their customers and they charge heftily. But ‘RFID General’ never sells their products at a high rate. You can get the RFID cards at a reasonable rate. Moreover, their RFID cards are available at the factory price. So, these cards are affordable.

5. Impressive Customer Care

‘RFID General’ treats their customers excellently. Their sales service remain open for 24 hours. Customers are their top priority and they always strive to provide best-class service. As a result, you will be surely impressed by their services.

6. Experienced Company

This Company was established in 2012. They have years of experience in RFID products. Moreover, they are also expert in making other RFID products. Hence, they know how to make best-class cards. You can rely on them and they won’t disappoint you.

7. Versatile Card Options

You can have different types of RFID cards for buses and metros. There are scratch cards, bar-code cards, punching hole cards, UV coated cards, cards with magnetic strips, cards with a signature panel, and more types of RFID cards. You can pick among these cards and you can use them conveniently.

8. Perfect Packaging

‘RFID General’ always make solid packaging. They ship their cartons with proper serial numbers and marks. Hence, your cards will be safe. Moreover, they mention quantity and design on their packaging. So, you won’t face any difficulty in finding your RFID cards. If you don’t like this packaging, then you can go for their customized packaging feature.

All these features make ‘RFID General’ a great China RFID cards suppliers. They have free samples and you can test these samples anytime. They are also ready for fast order supplies. They accept all types of orders and their minimum order quantity is ‘500 pieces’.

All of their customers are really satisfied with their products. They supply their products all over the world. Just visit their website and order RFID cards. You will be truly impressed by their services and products. (