RFID or Radio Frequency identification is a technology that uses Radio Waves to identify or track tags that are attached to objects.

RFID General

The RFID technology is used in various products for any RFID event solutions, that involve access control along with cashless payments, identification and even social media integration.

The main products which uses this technology are RFID wristbands, RFID & NFC cards, RFID Laminate badges, RFID Sticker tags, UHF windshield Sticker, UHF Anti-metal Tag, RFID blocking cards and other RFID technology related products .

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The frequency of the RFID chip could be 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, 860-960 MHz.

The printing, shape, size and encoding of the RFID tag can be customized for the OEM products to satisfy the customer’s needs.

RFID wristband

One of the most popular products is the RFID wrist band. It has a visible RFID tag attached with customized band that suits any event of the customer’s choice or sponsor’s brand.The China fabric woven Wristband attached to the RFID tag is woven with quality material that causes no irritation to the skin. It is also environment friendly and reusable.The woven wristband is available in 8 different colors that include neon and metallic threads.Wristband Size: 350mm*15mm/16mm/20mm400mm*15mm/16mm/20mmMaterial used for the RFID tag is hard and soft PVC, printed with color to go well with the rest of the band.Tag size: 40*25mm/ 39*23mm/ 33*26mm/ 40*30mm/ or Customized sizeThe Front Side of the tag has a prominent Logo with a printed Pattern. The QR code & Bar code is printed on the front side all well with Variable data.The Back Side upholds a Laser UID and Serial Code PrintingBest-RFID-Woven-Wristband-China-Suppliers-for-Your-Market-RFID-General

Additional features

Additional Features include a Matrix Code/ 2D Aztec Code with Variable data & Serialization &UID Number. The tag also includes Random Number Printing Matching UID.The woven portion of the wristband is made with thread that is capable of glowing in the dark. Last but not the least, another important and useful feature is a Kimble tag.The wrist band also includes a lock option keeping in mind the privacy of the user.The users are provided with options to use a Single time use Lock and a Re-usable LockThe lock has several other features as well like multi-color options, and Glow in the dark lock. Ordinary locks are also available.

The various types of locks are:

Standard Barrel Lock (Single time use lock)Side Load Barrel Lock (Single time use lock)Slim/Round Adjustable Bead (Reusable lock)Metal bead lock (Reusable lock)Round Barrel Lock (Single time use lock)

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