Among the most commonly used things nowadays in parties and events are the wristbands. These accessories aren’t just for flexing, they greatly serve when it comes to security. RFID GENERAL guarantees your event security by not only manufacturing high-quality products but also supplying the best RFID wristbands in China and neighboring countries.

In addition to security, RFID wristbands also give a mark of identity to your guests ensuring that they are genuine and reducing the chances of idlers in your compound. We enhance their optimal functionality by making them tear-proof, water-proof as well as stretch-proof. Since RFID GENERAL Foundation and up to today, it has been best known as the most dedicated and reputable Elastic Wristband Factory.

Why work with us!

Reliable company

Our many years of experience and expertise has earned us trust from customers from far and wide. We believe that reliability and trustworthiness are the keys to success and that is why all the best security wristbands quality used globally comes from us. Besides, we attach visible RFID tags to all our wristbands as proof of authenticity.

We try as much as possible to meet our clients’ tastes and needs by producing various designs, shapes, and sizes. We provide one time used or reusable RFID Elastic Wristbands that are compatible with any kind of party or event and solution such as identification, access control, social media integration, and cashless payments.

Experienced and professional team

Our skilled and professional team has over 10 years in manufacturing management, problem-solving as well as product customization. We have enough well-trained and skillful workers, professional designers and technician staff that strictly assure quality control of all our produced products.
We provide a wide range of services

RFID GENERAL specializes in manufacturing and distribution of various items like RFID wristbands, RFID sticker tags, RFID Badges & Lanyards, RFID cards as well as IoT technologies. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers by supplying the best quality products that are designed to be eco-friendly and with tried and tested materials that have no harm to your body.

We provide high-quality products and servicesCreate-Your-RFID-Elastic-Wristband-Market-Business-Starts-Here

RFID GENERAL invested in the best ever production facilities and use the best materials in making RFID wristbands and other items. Besides, our products are checked by a team of experts to ensure that the final items from our Elastic Wristband Factory are of the highest quality hence promising longevity service as well as suiting all your needs.

Fast delivery services

Our extensive experience enabled us to come up with production lines with the latest advanced tools and skilled staff. We are able to produce over 20 million products in a day hence after ordering your commodity be assured that it will reach you in the quickest time possible. Just order your package in time and get it in no time!

Pretty competitive price

Despite being the best RFID Elastic Wristband Manufacturers, we make sure that our products are low-priced so that our various customers can be able to afford them. Good and long-lasting relations with our raw materials suppliers and continuous improvement in manufacturing, RFID GENERAL manages to offer its customers with pretty competitive price in both the industry and market.
In the bottom line, hurry up to get the best products from Quality RFID Wristband Suppliers that guarantees longevity. Contact us or visit our website for more information about our products.