RFIDs are the future of tagging and identification and at Dongguan RFID General Technology; we understand the need for quality products like RFID Wristbands or sticker tags or even related products like IoT technologies. We offer a number of products and business oriented logistics that can help your business flourish. Our products range from low to medium to high packages which allow you to choose a pocket friendly solution to your requirements.

Amongst our products, the custom made, high quality RFID key cards are a highlight as we specially make them for high performance and durability. Our RFID Key Cards China factory is focused on producing the best quality key cards in bulk that are used as China hotel key cards, China school key cards and are also used in a number of other Chinese businesses.

Our Products:

Our products range from

RFID wristbands, RFID cards and sticker tags, UHF cards,NFC cards and sticker tags,RFID Laminated badges,UHF windshield stickers and tagsAnti metal tagsRFID blocking cardsOther products.

All of our products are made with the ultimate goal of ensuring quality, performance and longevity in the field of use which makes our products stand out from the crowd. RFID chip frequencies used are 125KHz and for NFC it might be 13.56MHz. Other features of the product like design, shape, size and UID printing is done with the input of the clients and can be customized as per the requirements of their business.

All products are made as per expectations and requirements and ensuring the quality of the products has been our duty and achievement since the 2012 when the company was founded.

Our customized RFID key cards:High-Quality-Custom-RFID-Key-Cards-Suppliers-in-China-for-your-business-RFIG-General

Our key cards have the quality and the performance to increase the value of our clients as they are equipped with the latest technology and a number of changes have been made as per requirements. However, the greatest flexibility offered by our products is the customizable feature which makes it possible for clients to choose what they need and we produce it for them in bulk quantities as needed. We have been known to be custom hotel key cards supplier to renowned businesses like Marco polo hotel and Sheraton Hotel to name a few.

Why should you choose us?

Our mission and vision is to provide products that increase the business and market of our clients. We are company of bulk supplier of RFID products who have been in this field for years and have studied the market and the trends as it grew. Our RFID key cards and other products are used across a number of hotels, businesses and even schools for their purposes and we take pride in the quality of products delivered.

Technical aspects of the RFID key cards:

Hotels, schools and other businesses value RFID key cards for control of access to areas and this is what we provide. Our product is unique, high quality and customizable.

Our advantages:

Fast scanReusabilityHigh securityDamage resistantHigh quality PVC base

Along with customizing our product we also produce rewritable RFID key cards which have added features. Our RFID chips constitute NFC/ HF 13.56 MHz/ ISO14443A Protocol which is the acceptable standard chips used in the current market.

Our mission:

We have worked in the RFID field for a long time now but with the constantly evolving technology we find that it is necessary to change the protocols to come up with the best RFID products. Our versatile products are styled and customized to ensure business growth and prosperity for our clients.

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