One of the most common thing that is seen nowadays in parties and events are the wristbands in everyone’s hands. The wristbands are not just for show, instead they have a purpose and they are called security wristbands. The security wristbands are for the safety of the events’ staff and guests. In addition to that, the security wristbands also serve another purpose – it makes sure that your guests are genuine, not just any random person who was not supposed to be here. Since the purpose of the security wristbands is important, you need to make them water-proof, tear-proof, stretch-proof, and durable. Therefore, to make sure that your wristbands have all these qualities, you should get them from a reliable, trustworthy, and reputed company, like RFID wristband suppliers. RFID wristband suppliers is a trusted wristband China manufacturer that has been supplying quality security wristbands far and wide.

About RFID wristband suppliers

RFID wristband suppliers are trusted by customers and is one of the most well-known China wristband suppliers. We make sure that you get the best kind of security wristbands for your event. Our wristbands have visible RFID tags, as proof of authenticity. We offer security wristbands in various designs, which will suit your taste and need. You can choose one time used or reusable RFID wristbands that are compatible with any kind of event and solution, like identification, social media integration, access control, and cashless payment. Our main objective has always been the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our product. Our wristbands are designed to be eco-friendly and the materials that are used make sure that they do no harm to your body.

About us

With our quality products, we became one of the reputed China wristband suppliers. You can trust the quality of our security wristbands. Our company was founded in 2012 and today we are known as one of the most dedicated


manufacturers who focuses on quality R&D. Among our other products, we have RFID sticker tags, RFID wristbands, RFID cards as well as many IoT technologies with related products. Our company believes in just one motto – “Customer success is our business.” Today, it’s because of our hard work and dedication to providing the best quality, we are known and trusted by customers all over the world.

RFID fabric security wristbands

If you are looking for wristbands that are of superior quality, secure, safe, and at the same time stylish, you can trust RFID wristband suppliers. You can try the security wristbands that come with full-color print and a gorgeous satin finish or you can try the wristbands with metallic or neon threads. Additionally, we also have wristbands with a fantastic finish like a gloss, frosted or matte. If your main objective is security, then you can choose from wristbands with lock options, like a single-time lock or re-usable. You can choose from sideload barrel lock, standard barrel lock, round barrel lock, slim/round adjustable bead, and metal bead lock.

We also take care of the packaging with maximum care. We maintain a high-quality packaging and we make sure that it’s strong and solid, best for overseas supply.


Our main objective is and always has been the best quality and that is what made us one of the trusted wristband China manufacturers and a reputed RFID wristband supplier. You can choose from a wide range of design with the best quality assurance.