RFID is the technology that involves the use of electromagnetic fields to locate things without involving any contact. It is also known as proximity identification.

What are the applications of RFID technology?

RFID is a tracking technology system that makes use of smart barcodes into spot things. RFID is the acronym for radio frequency identification. Therefore, RFID tags make use of radio frequency for communication. Using the radio waves, data are transferred from the tag to a computer. RFID finds a wide range of applications in commerce, medicine, tracking last objectives.

13.56 MHz transmissionProfessional-NFC-13.56-MHz-RFID-Card-China-Suppliers-for-Your-Market-RFID-General

13.56 MHz transmission is also known as High frequency. The 13.56 MHz NFC card is widely used for diverse purposes. These include access control, attendance systems, cashless payment systems, business management systems, holes, identification, enterprises, schools exhibitions, transportation system, individuals and the many more.

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RFID General

Dongguan RFID General Technology Co. Ltd, frequently known as RFID General was established in 2012. The company leads in the production of RFID technology products. The company has an RFID card China factory located in the Chang’an Town, Dongguan City. China.

What the products of the company?

The product of the company includes RFID Cards, RFID Wristbands, RFID stickers, RFID tags, UHF RFID sticker tag, RFID badges and lanyards, and other RFID products.

The company has gained many years of quality experience and expertise in RFID technology, and therefore, is widely trusted, reliable and recognized by customers in China as will across the globe.

Specialized product

The company specializes in making RFID wristbands (woven and fabric, and Tyvek as well as paper wristbands), RFI/d and NFC UHF cards tags and cards, RFID Sticker Labels and RFID Laminate Badges and other RFID products. The company has been endeavoring to bring maximum value for their customers’ money.

Why should choose RFID General?

With their RFID Card China Factory, best quality management and, the company brings in quality products in the RFID arena.

Each team has over a decade experience in the manufacturing, management, strict customization and problem-solving. The company has a quality workforce of 12o workers and 8 professional design technical staff. They ensure the quality control of production.

Fast product delivery

The company has two production lines of RFID labels and two production lines of RFID card with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled workforce, the company makes 12 million for RFID label and 1.5 million for RFID card.

The lead time is fast and is under stringent control norms. The company also entertains rush orders to help their customers out in case of an issue.

Affordable prices

The company deploys the most modern equipment. So, the products are of exceptional quality. The quality of the products is likely to help build enduring business regulations. The company keeps on consistently improve the quality of the product.

The company can make the product at the lowest possible prices so that customers will get the products at the most affordable prices. All the products made by the company deploy genuine chips and not compatible chips. There is no risk of copyright violation.


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